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Foot SurgeryFoot Surgery involves a range of surgeries pertaining to particular issues. Some of the surgeries usually done are :

Foot Corn Surgery, Foot Drop Surgery, Foot Corn Removal Surgery, Hip Resurfacing, Hip Replacement Bunion 1 - Bunions are primarily hereditary conditions often found in women which are primarily non-alignment of the bones with the big toe moving towards the second toe. The bump, on the inner side of the foot increases in size. Different surgical options are offered by Apollo Hospitals to treat bunions.

Hammertoes - A deformed, contracted toe is often called hammertoes. A hammertoe generally occurs on one or more locations on a toe. Often a surgery is an option of getting rid of hammertoes.

Toe Shortening - In certain cases one or two toes are longer than the other toes. This often results in painful corns being developed on the tip of a toe. This problem can be surgically treated.

Bone Spurs - Bone spurs occur due to change in pressure or arthritic change. The different types of bone spurs are toe spur, heel spur and arch spur. This too can be surgically treated.

Calluses - Calluses are thick dead tissues on the outer layer of the skin. Calluses are located on the heels of the feet. This too is caused by pressure. Surgery helps in getting rid of calluses.

Neuroma - Thickness, irritation, burning and numbness on the ball of the foot often leads to severe pain. Surgical procedure involves removal of the involved nerve growth.

There are many foot disorders. Some of them are named below:-

  1. Heel spurs
  2. Foot Corn
  3. Bunion
  4. Morton's neuroma
  5. Hammertoes
  6. Ankle Sprain
  7. Foot Fracture
  8. Foot Pain
  9. Achilles Tendon Injury

Unicompartmental Knee Replacement, TKR, THR, Subacromial Decompression, Rotator Cuff

Foot surgery is the way to cure the above foot disorder. There are numerous hospitals and surgeons of international standards available in India, who takes care of foot surgery. Get the best treatment of foot surgery in India with our assistance. We provide information about the best medical services and treatment cost of the foot surgery. We also assure you to provide comfortable lodging during your entire course of treatment of foot surgery.

Heel Spurs
A bone growth in the heel area is a heel spur. The Plantar fascia is a long band of tissue connecting the heel to the ball of the foot. When the plantar fascia is over stretched, spur develops. The connecting tissues hold the heel and the ball of the foot and act as a shock absorber during activity. When overstretched it causes pain and inflammation.

Treatment of the spurs:
Rest and wearing good foot wear Sometimes, steroid injections to relieve inflammation Surgery

Foot Corn
Corns are yellowish growths on the toes due to foot stress and abuse. Often ill-fitting shoes and the rubbing of the toe with another cause corns. They are extremely painful and cause discomfort.

Treatment of the Corn:
Wearing comfortable shoes applying pads around the area Surgery

A jutting of a tissue or bone around a joint is a bunion. It occurs generally at the base of a big toe or the little toe. It is more common among women as they wear more confining and pointed shoes. Arthritis also causes bunions, which affects the big toe joint.

Treatment of the Bunion:
Wearing comfortable shoes applying pads around the area Surgery

Morton's neuroma
When there is a growth of tissues in the nerves that connect the two long bones of the foot, morton neuroma occurs. Generally when the two bones rub together and squeeze the nerve between them it gives rise to pain and swelling and leads to Morton's neuroma. Treatment involves rest, proper footwear and in extreme cases cortisone injections and surgery is recommended.

Wearing tight and ill-fitting shoes can often protrude the middle joint of the toe or buckle the toe. Corns often develop in the affected area. Treatment of hammertoes includes new footwear for deformed feet, applying toe pads on the bony protrusion or surgical removal.

Ankle Sprain
Ligaments connect bones to each other and they are strong bands of elastic tissues. When the ligaments are stretched or torn ankle sprain occur. It causes swelling and pain. On severe cases surgery is recommended.

Foot Fracture
Toe fractures, ankle joint fractures, metatarsal fractures and sesamoid bone fractures are the different types of foot fractures that can occur.

Foot Pain
Foot pain can be severe affecting your activity to a great extent. Pain in the ball of the foot is very common as well as the plantar fasciitis when pain shoots in the heel. Over weight people, people with flat feet or high arches are prone to plantar fasciitis.

Achilles Tendon Injury
The largest tendon of the body which gets ruptured due to over use often cause Achilles Heel. Overusing tendons and calf muscles causes the tendonitis. Treatment includes non-steroidal and anti-inflammatory medications and often surgery.

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