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Birmingham Hip Resurfacing ( BHR )

Surface Replacement Hip (Birmingham Hip / ASR)

Total Hip Replacement has been a revolutionary surgery in orthopedics. Millions of people, attained pain free mobilization following this surgery. However, with the conventional hip replacement there are been reserving about this procedure in relatively younger people because of the amount of bones to be scarified and need for reversion surgery later on.

Hip Resurfacing Surgery (BHR Surgery)has come as a boon for younger patients, resulting in very little bone loss and almost normal unrestricted movements and functions following this procedure.

The following are the group of patients considered for this procedure : -

Aged less than 65 years.
Aged 65 years and over whom participate in activities predicted to shorten the life of a traditional total hip replacement.


The Surface Replacement Hip (Birmingham Hip / ASR) is indicated for total joint replacement in patients with severe pain and disability secondary to structural damage in the hip joint caused by rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, post-traumatic arthritis, collagen disorders and avascular necrosis.

The Surface Replacement Hip (Birmingham Hip / ASR) is also indicated for patients with congenital hip dysplasia, protrusio acetabuli, slipped upper capital femoral epiphysis and disability due to previous fusion, where bone stock is inadequate for non-implant reconstruction techniques.


A number of patient based factors affect the relative suitability of patients to receive a Surface Replacement. These patient based factors are associated with a possible increased risk of early failure. The combination of two or more of these risk factors further lowers the relative suitability of patients to receive a surface replacement.

Femoral head cyst>1cm.
Decreased bone mineral density.
Lateral head-neck remodeling (Loss of contour of lateral head-neck).
Poor shape / biomechanics.
Short femoral neck<2 cm.
Shallow or small acetabulum.
Poor head to neck ratio.

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