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What Is It ?

A spinal fusion is simply the uniting of two bony segments, whether a fracture or a vertebral joint. The reason for instrumentation with rods and screws is to act as and 'internal cast' to stabilize the vertebra until the fusion, or bony re-growth, can occur.

Spinal Decompressions are also occasionally combined with a stabilisation procedure such as a Wallis ligament implant.

This is for two reasons :

  1. To try and prevent further collapse as the spine ages leading to more nerve compression
  2. To stabilise the spine and relieve back pain as an accompanying symptom to nerve compression.
The primary reason for this surgery is to prevent further deterioration as this condition is often progressive. The second reason for doing this surgery is to create an environment where the nerves will hopefully recover although the rate of recovery is variable and the extent of recovery depends upon the state the nerves were in once the operation was performed. That is to say if the nerve is already permanently damaged by compression they will not recover. Often the overriding reason for such surgery is to relieve nerve pain and for this the operation is generally effective.

The Operation


Patient in Prone PositionThe patient is positioned on the operating table in a prone position. The incision is made over the anatomic position of the spinous process.

Bone is Removed

When indicated, soft tissue and bony decompression are performed to relieve neurological compression.

Screw Placement

For a degenerative spondylolisthesis case, a blunt probe is inserted through the pedicle and into the vertebral body. Once the pedicle canals are prepared and the screw length determined, the screws are sequentially inserted.

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