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Medical Test, Retrograde Pyelogram Surgery Price

What Is It ?

The tests you have had so far point to your water-works (urinary system) as the cause of your trouble.

It is necessary to look inside the urinary system to find out what is going on.
A special fine telescope is used to see, or sometimes to take X-rays. At the same time narrow parts can be widened, stones taken out, pieces of the lining taken out, and diseased parts burnt out as needed.

The operation

You can have a general anaesthetic or you can be numbed from the waist down with an injection in the back.

The choice depends partly on which you prefer, and partly on what your surgeon or anaesthetist thinks is best.

Having a general anaesthetic means that you will be completely asleep during the operation. Having an injection in the back means that you will be awake during the operation, you will feel that something is happening in the area you’re being operated on, but you will not feel any pain from the waist down.

If you are awake for the operation, you will have your legs held up in stirrups. A nurse will chat to you during the operation.
A narrow tube is passed inside the penis in the male, (or into the front passage in the female), up into the bladder. The surgeon then slides a telescope and other instruments up the first tube.

He then looks around, or takes X-rays, or operates as planned. Finally all the equipment is taken out. After the operation, it is sometimes necessary to pass a fine plastic tube (a urine catheter) back up into the bladder. This will allow urine to drain freely into a bag for a time until you can pass urine comfortably on your own.

Usually you can go home the same day. If there are any problems with the operation, you will need to stay longer. The doctors will let you know about this at the time.

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