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Bloodless Medicine And Surgery

The Center for Bloodless Medicine and Surgery at Hahnemann University Hospital was established to meet the needs of patients who desire quality medical care while avoiding exposure to donated blood.

The growing number of persons who object to blood transfusions for religious or personal reasons has fueled the quest for medically acceptable alternatives. The Center for Bloodless Medicine and Surgery combines advanced medical technology with an experienced team of healthcare professionals to create an atmosphere of mutual understanding, trust and respect that promotes the delivery of high-quality care.

"Bloodless" means medical or surgical treatment without the use of banked or stored allogenic blood or primary blood components. Blood loss often occurs during surgery. A bloodless program tries to minimize blood loss by using special blood-conservation methods.

The Bloodless Strategy

The Hahnemann approach to bloodless medicine involves blood conservation devices, pharmaceuticals, meticulous surgical technique and a medical staff committed to ensuring the best possible outcome for every patient.

Why Bloodless Medicine and Surgery?

Bloodless medicine and surgery is not just for those with deeply held religious beliefs, such as Jehovah's Witnesses.  Consumers who are proactive in their own health care benefit from educating themselves in alternatives to blood transfusions.  With this information the patient is comfortable making educated decisions. 

The Mission of the Hartford Hospital Center for Bloodless Medicine & Surgery is to provide, in respect of patient’s rights to autonomy and self determination, surgical and/or medical treatment without the administration of blood or blood related products.

Here Is A List Of Benefits Of Bloodless Medicine And Surgery:

  • Faster recovery
  • Less invasive surgery
  • Meticulous technique to minimize blood loss
  • Minimized risks of blood-borne diseases
  • Reduced stress on immune system
  • Minimized chance of infections after surgery
  • Cost effective medical care
  • Preservation of limited blood supply

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