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What Is It ?

A hydrocele is a pocket of watery liquid that has built up around your testicle. Sometimes this is because the testicle is diseased. More often it is because the liquid cannot drain into the circulation properly. In a child, the cause of the hydrocele, and its treatment, are different.

The Operation

Hydrocele Operation Recovery, Hydrocele Operation Surgery Delhi India Most patients have a general anaesthetic so that they are asleep during the operation. Sometimes the operation can be done by an injection of local anaesthetic in the back which will numb the area from the waist down. A cut is made into the skin over the hydrocele. The liquid is emptied out. Some of it will be checked for the possible presence of bugs and some of it in order to exclude the presence of cancerous cells.

Possible Complications

If you have this operation under general anaesthetic, there is a very small risk of complications related to your heart and lungs. The tests that you will have before the operation will make sure that you can have the operation in the safest possible way and will bring the risk for such complications very close to zero.

If you have an anaesthetic injection in the back, there is a very small chance of a blood clot forming on top of your spine which can cause a feeling of numbness or pins and needles in your legs. The clot usually dissolves on its own and this solves the problem. Extremely rarely, the injections can cause permanent damage to your spine.

Complications are rare and seldom serious. Bruising and swelling may be troublesome, particularly if the hydrocele was large. The swelling may be as large as the hydrocele. The swelling may take four to six weeks to settle down. Close fitting Jockey-type underpants are often helpful. Infection is a rare problem and settles down with antibiotics in a week or two.

Another very rare complication is infertility (the inability to make a woman pregnant). This happens because the structures that carry the sperm from the testes can be damaged during this operation. If fertility is still important for you, then you should discuss the possibility of this rare complication with your surgeon. The chances of the hydrocele coming back again is less than 1 in 20 .

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