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With progressing age, and sometimes due to rapid weight loss, the skin tends to become looser and less elastic which often results in drooping or sagging skin. The most common place where this negative effect of ageing can be witnessed is the area around the upper arm.

Brachioplasty Surgery, Brachioplasty Surgery India, Cost Brachioplasty Surgery India Thus, patients with such a problem are inclined to hide this problem by wearing long sleeved shirts and dresses. In some patients the primary problem could be excess skin while in others it could be too much fat or a balanced combination of both! So, what is a person facing this problem expected to do? Turn to cosmetic surgery, of course!

What Is Brachioplasty ?

Brachioplasty or an upper arm lift is a surgical procedure that reverses the signs of ageing by tightening and reforming the muscles of the upper arm area to acquire a more appealing shape.

Who Are The Best Candidates For An Upper Arm Lift Operation ?

Of course, those who have excessive deposits of fat and loose skin on the upper arm area make the ideal candidates for a brachioplasty treatment. Moreover, those patients who crave for a more youthful contour for their arms and upper chest (near the armpits) are idyllically suited for the surgical treatment.

Planning For Brachioplasty

Brachioplasty Surgery Superspeciality Hospital India, Brachioplasty Superspeciality Clinic Goa India

Your initial consultation with your plastic surgeon should encompass descriptions of your family and personal health with medications and other supplements that may be needed for you to intake. Be open and honest to your doctor. Squeeze out all the necessary details from him and also express your hidden fears (if you have any) about the whole procedure.

It is crucial to get together with your cosmetic surgeon to devise a course that will help you attain your goals in the specified period of time. Also, consult the benefits of combining brachioplasty with liposuction. The effect could enhance (i.e. if your situation calls for it) the results but will be more extensive as well as costly. It could also demand that the patient stay overnight in the hospital.

Risks And Uncertainties That Could Arise During An Upper Arm Lift Treatment ?

Opportunely, the risks and fears associated with brachioplasty are very few. The procedure is extremely safe if performed under the guidance of an experienced and capable surgeon. But, make sure all questions and concerns are fully answered by your surgeon prior to the treatment to shun all possibilities of unforeseen problems.

Do I Stay In The Hospital After Surgery ?

If brachioplasty is combined with other procedures, you may, but if performed alone, it is an outpatient procedure.

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