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Surgery For Correcting Or Improving Refractive Errors

Clear Vision Depends On How Well The Cornea And Lens Permit Light Rays To Fall Onto The Retina. Light Rays Must Be Refracted (Bent) To Focus On The Retina. The Retina Is The Light-Sensitive Nerve Layer That Lines The Back Of The Eye, Which Creates Impulses From The Light Rays That Are Sent Through The Optic Nerve To The Brain.

What Is LASIK Surgery ?

LASIK, Or Laser In-Situ Keratomileusis, Surgery Is Used To Correct Nearsightedness. When A Person Is Nearsighted (Myopic), His Or Her Eye Is Too Long Or The Cornea Is Too Steep, Resulting In Too Much Focusing Power. The Light Rays Entering The Eye Come In Focus Before Hitting The Retina, Resulting In Blurry Vision When Looking In The Distance. The Procedure, Which Should Be Performed By A Skilled Eye Surgeon, Involves Reshaping The Cornea Using An Excimer Laser. LASIK Is Replacing Many Of The Other Refractive Eye Surgery Techniques.

How Is LASIK Surgery Performed ?

Although Each Procedure Varies Slightly, In General, LASIK Surgery Involves Using A Computer-Controlled Excimer Laser (A Cold, Ultraviolet Laser) And A Microkeratome (A Surgical Instrument). With These Instruments, The Surgeon Cuts A Flap In The Center Of The Cornea To Remove A Thin Layer Of Tissue. By Removing The Tissue, The Cornea Flattens, Reducing The Myopia. The Flap, Which Is Replaced Without Using Sutures, Adheres Back To The Cornea Within Minutes.

Recovery After LASIK Surgery

In Most Cases, Recovery From LASIK Surgery Is Fast And Involves Minimal Discomfort. Mild Pain Relievers May Be Recommended By Your Surgeon To Relieve Discomfort During The First Day After Surgery. Patients Typically Take Eyedrops For A Week After The Procedure.

Benefits Of LASIK Surgery

  • LASIK Can Correct A Wide Range Of Myopia, Up To 15 Diopters (Unit Of Measurement Of The Refractive Power Of A Lens).
  • LASIK Can Be Repeated To Correct The Vision Further.
  • The Eyes Stabilize Between Three And Six Months After LASIK Surgery.
  • The Eye Is Not Weakened, Because Only One Flap Is Cut Into The Cornea.
  • LASIK Usually Causes Little Or No Scarring Of The Cornea.
  • Post-Operative Care Is Usually Limited To Using Eye Drops For A Week After Surgery.

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