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Treating Cataracts With Small Incision Cataract Surgery

Q. What Is A Cataract ?
A : - Clouding Of The Lens Of The Eye, Usually Caused By Aging, Trauma, Corticosteroid Use, And/Or Radiation.

Q. How Is A Cataract Diagnosed ?
A : - Most Cataracts Develop As Part Of The Aging Process, But May Be Present At Birth (Congenital) Or Result From An Injury, Systemic Disease (Diabetes), Or Corticosteroid Use. Using Specialized Equipment, Cataracts As Well As Other Eye Diseases Are Diagnosed During A Complete Eye Examination. The Mere Presence Of A Cataract Does Not Indicate The Need For Surgery. Some Cataracts May Be Slow Growing, And For A Period Of Time, Stronger Glasses Can Correct Vision.
Some Cataracts Develop More Rapidly Than Others, And Your Eye Doctor Can Monitor Changes In Vision And Cataracts With Periodic Eye Examinations.

Small Incision Cataract Surgery

Once Cataracts Form, There Is Only One Way To Achieve Clear Vision Again-Physically Remove The Cataract From The Eye And Replace Your Natural Lens With An Artificial Lens.

Cataract Surgery Is One Of The Most Common And Successful Surgeries Performed In The United States. "No-Stitch, Topical" Cataract Surgery With Lens Implants Allows Patients To See Clearly. Many Of Our Patients Can Resume Activities Such As Reading And Driving Almost Immediately. The American Society Of Cataract And Refractive Surgery Found That Cataract Surgery Together With Lens Implants Successfully Improved The Vision Of More Than 98 Percent Of Patients After Surgery.

Cataract Surgery Is Now Performed On An Outpatient Basis. Patients Can Go Home And Rest In Comfort, Avoiding The Inconvenience And Expense Of An Overnight Stay In The Hospital. Your Surgery Will Usually Be Preformed At Our Outpatient Facility Dedicated Solely To Eye Surgery.

"No Stitch, Topical" Cataract Surgery Uses A Small Self-Sealing Incision. Using A Technique Called Phacoemulsification, A Tiny Ultrasonic Probe Is Inserted To Break Up Your Cataract Into Tiny Pieces That Are Easily Removed With The Same Instrument.

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Once The Cataract Has Been Removed, An Intraocular Lens Implant (IOL) Is Inserted To Replace The Cloudy Cataract To Restore Vision. There Are Several Types Of Lenses Available For Implantation.

Q. What Are The Symptoms Of Cataract ?
  • Cloudy, Fuzzy, Foggy Vision
  • Difficulty In Seeing Clearly To Drive, Especially At Night
  • Trouble Seeing Well Enough To Perform Close Work
  • Problems Seeing A Television Or Computer Screen
  • Colors That Seem Dull, Faded, Or Not As Bright
  • Frequent Changes To A Stronger Glasses Prescription
  • Halos Around Lights
  • Bothersome Glare

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