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Lasik Surgery in India - Costs and Best Lasik Surgeons




What Is Conventional LASIK?

Conventional LASIK Is The Ablation Pattern Available On Most Lasers That Treats Directly Based Upon The Patient's Glasses Prescription, With Fixed Treatment Parameters For Each Patient. This Type Of Treatment Is Effective For Most Patients But Can Result In More Visual Aberrations Such As Glare, Halos, And Night Vision Issues Than Other Forms Of Laser Treatment.

Conventional LASIK: Reduce Your Dependence On Glasses And Contacts!

LASIK (Laser-Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis) Is Today's Most Popular Surgical Procedure For Correcting Vision Problems Caused By Refractive Error, The Failure Of The Eye To Properly Focus Light. At Our CLEARLY LASIK Laser Vision Correction Centers Throughout North America, We Help People Eliminate Or Dramatically Reduce The Need For Glasses Or Contact Lenses By Treating Nearsightedness, Farsightedness, And Astigmatism. After LASIK, The Majority Of Patients Who Are Treated For Mild To Moderate Refractive Error Achieve Vision Good Enough To Eliminate The Need For Glasses Or Contact Lenses For Most Activities

Are There Different Types Of LASIK?

There Are A Variety Of Different Types Of Lasers Used In Ophthalmology. All LASIK Procedures Are Performed With A Specific Type Of Laser (Excimer Laser), So In One Sense, All LASIK Procedures Are Similar. However, There Are A Variety Of Different Laser Manufacturers, Including Visx, Wavelight, Alcon, Bausch & Lomb, And Nidek, Among Others, That Have All Designed Specific Excimer Lasers. Further, There Are Different Types Of Laser Ablations That Can Be Performed (See Below), Including Conventional Laser Treatments, Wavefront-Optimized Treatments, And Wavefront-Guided Treatments. Finally, A Completely Different Type Of Laser (Femtosecond Laser) Can Be Used Instead Of A Mechanical Microkeratome To Create The LASIK (Corneal) Flap.

cost lasik surgery in India

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