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 Preventive Surgery, Preventive Dentistry Treatment Hospitals, Preventive Dentistry Surgery Center Preventive Dentistry is the area of dentistry that focuses on those procedures and life practices that help people to prevent the beginning or progression of oral disease. It includes at-home dental care performed by patients, as well as dental care and education by professional dental staff in the office or clinic.


Preventive dentistry should always be prescribed and not harm patients when done correctly. At times, dentists do need to take precautions when someone has a medical condition that would be affected by some of the procedures. Dentists need to be aware of certain medical conditions, such as mitral valve prolapse, which need to be treated with prophylactic antibiotics. Allergies to any of the medications or materials used in preventive dentistry are rare.

Preventive Dentistry starts when your baby gets his or her first tooth. This treatment is specially meant for children and hence it is very cheap. You will need to visit your dentist when the first tooth comes in and the dentist will guide you about how you can take good care of your baby's teeth. This way it is possible to have a generation, which will be free from any kind of cavities in their teeth.

There is one more benefit of taking your child to dentist at an early age. The child becomes familiar with the dentist, teeth cleaning procedures, and other many dental procedures and leads a life free of cavities and gum diseases and keeps on doing regular checkups with the dentist. This way your child will have good oral hygiene all through his or her life.

What All Is Included In Preventive Dentistry ?

Brushing, flossing, fluorides, oral habits, proper diet, sealants, dental development, orthodontics and parent involvement, these are the things that are included in the preventive dentistry. All the pediatric dentists are trained in preventive dentistry.

Is Preventive Dentistry Is Important Thing To Do ?

As a parent you always wish well for your children. You always pray that your child remains healthy. Dental care is also an important part of being healthy. Hence by giving preventive dentistry treatment to your child, you are giving him a priceless gift, which he or she will cherish all through their life.

When Should I Start Preventive Dentistry For My Child ?

As mentioned earlier, it should start when you see first tooth coming in. Take appointment with your pediatric dentist and they will help you know each and everything about teeth and gums care.

How Parents Can Play An Important Role In Preventive Dentistry ?

When you will take your child to dentist, he or she will guide you about how you can take dental care of your child at home. The dentist will also guide you about brushing, flossing and diet related issues. Thus the role of parent is very important, as only parents can teach good habits to their kids.

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