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Liposculpture of the thighs can be a life-changing experience for patients who are troubled by thick thighs. What are commonly referred to as the 'saddle bags' can be reduced, resulting in a straighter look to the outside of the thigh and better clothes fitting. Liposculpture of the inner thighs results in reduced rubbing and chafing and a visible gap between the inner thighs. Recovery is usually rapid with most patients returning to work within 3 days and returning to full exercise within 2 weeks.

How Is Thigh Liposuction Performed?

Before surgery, the surgeon will mark the precise areas of the body where the fat is to be removed. An intravenous (IV) line will be inserted in a vein in your arm to make sure the fluid level in your body remains in balance. If you are not undergoing general anesthesia, you may be given a sedative for relaxation.

During the procedure, the surgeon makes a tiny incision in the skin, typically in or near the buttock crease or at the site of a previous scar, and inserts a thin tube called a cannula into the fatty area. The cannula is used to break up the fat deposits and sculpt the area to the desired proportions. The unwanted fat is removed with a high pressure vacuum, leaving the skin, muscles, nerves, and blood vessels intact.

In the super-wet technique, a saline solution containing a local anesthetic and adrenaline is injected into the area to be treated, which makes the fat deposits easier to break up and extract. This extra fluid also minimizes trauma to the surrounding tissue, reducing swelling and post-operative pain. The administration of adrenaline also decreases bleeding during surgery, further reducing risks.

The tumescent technique, in which even larger amounts of liquid solution are injected, has similar benefits.

A relatively new method, ultrasound-assisted liposuction (UAL), uses sound waves to liquefy the fat after the injection of fluids. Like the super-wet and tumescent techniques, UAL minimizes trauma, bruising and blood loss. UAL also minimizes trauma, causing less bruising and blood loss. It is particularly useful on difficult-to-treat fibrous areas of the body, such as the male chest, the upper abdomen, and the upper back.

An earlier method of liposuction, called dry liposuction because no liquefying agent was used, required general anesthesia. This technique is not in frequent use today.

Your surgeon will choose the best technique for you. His/her choice will be determined by a combination of factors, including the precise area to be treated, the amount of fat to be removed, his/her training and experience, and your preferences.

How Long Does The Procedure Take?

On average, the procedure takes 1-2 hours per area treated.

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The specific advantages of liposcupture to the thighs are reduction of the bulges on the outside of the thighs (the saddle bags), reduction of the bulges on the inner thighs, reduction of bulging on the front of the thigh and reduction of bulging around the knees. Tightening of the waist will also result if liposculpture of the hips is performed. The patient will be able to fit into tighter skirts and trousers and will experience less rubbing between her thighs. Recovery is rapid with most people achieving a good result by the end of the first month.

A newly trim lower body can provide a psychological lift and an extra incentive to exercise regularly to maintain fitness. Many patients express relief at not being bothered by chafing in the thigh area, and they also find that clothes tend to fit them better.


The specific disadvantages of liposculpture to the thighs are the possibility of persistent skin laxity, the possibility of unevenness and lack of weight loss.

Some patients find that the skin of their thighs does not tighten after their liposculpture. If skin tightening does not reach expectation, gentle massage and the use of lasers will usually help. A repeat liposculpture may be required.

Some patients become concerned about unevenness. They may notice that one thigh looks better than the other side, they may also notice some areas that are not smooth, finally, they may notice lumpiness. All of these problems will improve with the passage of time and an exercise program. A repeat liposculpture may be necessary.

Some patients become concerned about having lost little weight. Liposculpture of the thighs does not result in major weight loss. The procedure is designed to improve body shape not weight loss.

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