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Cosmetic Surgery of External Genital Organs in males[ male genital surgery, plastic surgery on private parts on males, cosmetic genital surgery in males, or genital enhancement surgery] is a necessity nor luxury for those who wish to improve their sex life.

Penis plastic surgery, penis enlargement, penile lengthening, penile widening or elongation of penile shaft are the much needed operations on penis. Penis Fat injection is required for penis girth enhancement [Penile Thickness Increase] or the increase size of penis. Penile liposuction is a misnomer used by some for penile augmentation surgery.

Penis Enlargement Surgery

Penis enlargement surgery (also known as male enhancement surgery) is a technique used to either increase the length or girth of the male reproductive organ. Patients should understand that penis enlargement surgery can be risky, and there is no shortage of surgeons out there who claim to work miracles. At most, one can reasonable expect an inch in growth, but this is only with the assistance of a credible and experienced surgeon.

There Are Two Basic Kinds Of Penis Enlargement Surgery Performed : -

Increasing the length : - The penis is attached to the pelvis via the sensory ligament. This tough fiber holds back a part of the penis inside the pelvis. During penis enlargement surgery that focuses on elongation, the surgeon cuts the sensory ligament, thus, making more of the penile shaft visible. To prevent the ligament from reattaching, patients have to attach stretching devices or weights for approximately six months.

Increasing the girth : - For years, surgeons would take fat from different parts of the body and inject it into the penis. But this procedure did not usually work. Nowadays, surgeons perform a technique known as allograft. During an allograft, various tissues ranging from silicon to cadaver flesh (that's right) are used to widen the penis.

As with all surgeries, penis enlargement surgery is not without risks. Patients should be in good physical condition, and they should fully understand the potential dangers of this medical procedure. Recovery time varies and depends on the kind of surgery performed.

male genital cosmetic surgery treatments include : -

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