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Corrective Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery deals with beautification and enhancement of external body organs and shaping them for good appearance with the use of medical surgery techniques and medicines. It is mainly intended to maintaining, improvement and restoring the vital body parts to get some aesthetic improvements. Cosmetic surgery comprises of multi corrective and wide-ranging approach intended at all body areas including head and face. Cosmetic surgery encompasses various fields like plastic surgery, dermatology, otolaryngology, general surgery, Oculoplastic surgery, maxillofacial surgery and others.

A challenging aspect of Cosmetic Surgery is to correct surgeries that have gone along unexpected lines.

It is challenging because the original anatomy is altered, important structures may be missing and there are scars and scar tissue to deal with.

Corrective work requires complete mastery of the art of cosmetic surgery. At the Cosmetic Surgery Institute, we are seeing an increasing number of patients seeking this unique service and having their expectations realized. Rhinoplasty, facial rejuvenation, breast surgery, liposuction and other body contouring procedures are the commonest areas where people have had to resort to corrective surgery.

Unfavorable results can occur due to many reasons. Inadequate communication between patient and surgeon, poor or no artistic skills, unrealistic expectations, wrong reasons to have surgery done and technical flaws are the commonest.

What Is Cosmetic Surgery?

Cosmetic surgery is a unique surgery that is done to enhance the physical appearance of our body. Cosmetic surgery utilizes some of the state of the art techniques in corrective procedures.

Use of radioactive isotopes in small doses and utilization of Gamma camera in the treatment packages have been added now.

Benefits OF Cosmetic Surgery : -
  • Cosmetic surgery is a safe and smart way to get rid of certain shortcomings in our appearance. This makes us feel confident and enables us to lead happier lives.
  • Cosmetic surgery is especially of use to those born with abnormal features like crooked noses, harelips, cleft lips, and so on. Cosmetic surgeries give these people a new lease of life as they do not have to put up with nasty remarks and ridicule.
  • Cosmetic surgery takes years off our faces and other body parts. It can tighten the skin texture leading to an overall younger look. This is essential for people in professions, which require a person to look a certain way such as flight attendants, client service executives, and the like.
  • Cosmetic surgery is also useful for those who have been through fatal accidents that have left them with a disfigured appearance. Cosmetic surgery helps such patients look the way they used to look before the tragedy struck.

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