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Breast Implants

Breast Implant is an artificial reshaping or augmenting a breast for cosmetic reasons. Enhancement of the breasts can be done at any age after the breasts are developed. Generally done for aesthetic reasons women undertake the surgery after severe weight loss, after childbirth or ageing when the breasts loses their volume and shape. For a fuller bust line women often go for breast implantation.

Breast implants, or augmentation mammaplasty, is a procedure some trans women undergo in order to supplement development they had with hormones. Some women never feel they need them, while others wanted them very much.

The surgeon inserts the liquid- or gel-filled bag into into a pocket created under the skin. This can be done in several different ways, discussed later.

Breast Implant Anatomy

The main components of breast implants include : -

  • the shell (the outside layer, sometimes called the envelope or lumen)
  • the filler (inserted into the shell)
  • the patch (covers the hole where the filler is inserted into the shell)

Typically the shell is made of a single layer ("single lumen"), but some implants have a double layer — a shell within a shell ("double lumen").

As with any medical procedure, there are advantages and disadvantages which must be considered when deciding if breast implants are right for you.

Some advantages : -

  • they might help you pass better
  • they might help make your body more proportionate
  • they might make you look or feel more sexually desirable
  • they might make clothes fit better
  • they might help avoid embarrassment in public dressing areas

A few drawbacks : -

  • breast implants are not considered lifetime devices. They can and do rupture in time.
  • you may have to undergo multiple surgeries over the course of your life.
  • some feel the risks of surgery and anesthesia are greater than the benefits
  • some are concerned about potential known and unknown risks from breast implants
  • some feel they are able to adjust to their hormonal development without augmentation
  • some believe that the look and feel of implants is not acceptable compared to natural breasts

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