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Heart Surgeon Mumbai India,Dr. Shantesh Kaushik,Heart Surgeon Mumbai Doctor's Name : - Dr. Shantesh Kaushik { Cardio - Thoracic & Vascular Surgeon }

Qualification : - M.S.D.N.B. (Gen Surg.), M. Ch. (Thor. Surg.) D.N.B. (Cardio-thor. Surg.), M.D. (USA)

Dr. Kaushik has an experience base of performing the whole spectrum of Cardio - Thoracic & Vascular Surgeries at an early stage of his career.

Dr. Kaushik had a privilege of learning & practicing at renowned places in India, Australia and USA including the Royal Melbourne Hospital (the second largest cardio thoracic center in Australia), Boston Medical Center in Boston, USA and the Lahey Clinic, USA. At the Boston Medical Center he gained experience in Heartport / Minimally Invasive Surgery under Dr. Shemin. During the Lahey Clinic rotation Dr. Kaushik benefited from Dr. Svensson's guidance in Complex Aortic Surgery. In his combined overseas experience he has been exposed to 4000 cases of which he has performed about 900 cases. In the past two years at Wockhardt Hospital he has performed over 200 cases with an overall mortality rate of 1.5 %.

Surgical Expertise : -

Total Arterial Coronary Revascularisation.
Minimal Invasive Valve and Thoracic Surgery.
Video Assisted Thoracic Surgery.

Honours And Awards : -

The Dr. Bhave Prize (Pune University) for standing second in the subject of    surgery at the MBBS examination.
The Godbole Prize, the Dr. B.N.Ranade Prize and the G.M. Phadke Prize (Pune    University) for standing first at the M.S. (Gen. Surgery) examination (Jan 1992).
The Parsuram Memorial Award of the Indian Association of Cardiovascular and    Thoracic Surgery (I.A.C.T.S.) on being adjudged the best young investigator of    the year 1994.

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