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There are some cases wherein a young person’s disease is exactly the same as an oldDermatology Surgery, Dermatology Surgery India, Dermatology, Dermatology Surgery Coster patient’s but the symptoms are different or the medications don’t have the same effect. This is especially true if the patient in question has a skin disease. The skin is a very complex organ that changes as people get older. Many external and internal factors can affect its functions, and age is always a determining factor when it comes to treating skin diseases. As we all know, there are Pediatricians that specifically treat children. That’s why there are pediatric dermatologists who combine the two specializations in order to correctly diagnose children’s skin diseases.

So why is there a need for the combining of the two specializations? First of all, it must be taken into consideration that children are not smaller versions of adults. Their skin is different, their thought processes are different. If a child has a rash or any other kind of discomfort causing skin problem, then only a Pediatric Dermatologist can help them.

Why? Well, children cannot correctly or fluently express what they feel. A dermatologist who has absolutely no experience when it comes to dealing with children cannot properly diagnose a skin disease. Pediatric dermatologists on the other hand were trained to treat children with ease so they can question them properly and make an accurate diagnosis. Another thing is that Pediatric Dermatologists invest in medical equipments that were specifically designed for children. Seeing as children are smaller than adults, some medical equipment will only serve to make diagnosing a child’s disease much harder than it ought to be. Another thing is that since pediatric dermatologists cater specifically to children, the examination room and waiting areas of a doctor’s office are most probably decorated with children in mind. Toys and children’s books could be found in the waiting areas of these doctor’s offices so that the children may be at ease while waiting for their turn.

of the skin, and allergic reactions to chemicals or other substances. Pediatric dermatologists also treat internal disorders and diseases that affect the skin, and are qualified to perform standard surgical techniques used in the field of dermatology. Physicians in this specialty treat patients suffering from numerous diseases and illnesses, but some of the most common are Melanoma, moles / warts, tattoo removal, blisters / lesions, Acne, Skin Cancer, and skin rash. Once properly diagnosed, practitioners can perform numerous procedures on patients including facial peels and burn care.

Skin Rashes

Review some of the common childhood diseases and conditions that can cause skin rashes on your baby and older kids, including eczema, poison ivy, and infections like chickenpox.


Hives, which are also called, welts, wheals, and urticaria, are a common of an allergic reaction, and can be caused by food allergies, medications, insect bites, and many other triggers.

Pediatric Dermatology Topics

Pediatric dermatology resources to help you learn more about common skin conditions in children, including acne, eczema, infections, poison ivy and other rashes.


Learn how to diagnose and treat children with ringworm, a fungal infection which can cause a red, circular, scaly rash on a child's scalp, feet, and any other part of their body.


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