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Bone marrow transplants (BMT) is an all encompassing term with many synonyms including blood and marrow transplant and hematopoietic stem cell transplant.  For all types of BMT, the intent is to transplant cells into a person that will grow into a functioning bone marrow that produces the blood and immune systems.  The site from which these cells are obtained often divides subtype categories of BMT. 

These include: bone marrow transplant, peripheral blood stem cell transplant (also known as peripheral blood progenitor cell transplant), and cord blood transplant.  These are the same cells, just obtained (harvested) from a different location of the body in each circumstance.  BMT differs from all other types of transplants (kidney, liver, etc) because the transplanted cells must grow into a functioning organ, whereas the others are functioning from the moment they are transplanted.  The cells that are transplanted are immature bone marrow cells.


We offer services to those patients for whom bone marrow transplant may provide curative therapy, such as:
  • hematologic malignancies
  • bone marrow failure syndromes
  • immunodeficiencies
  • hemoglobinopathies, and
  • inborn errors of metabolism

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