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Test Procedure :

• You will receive one or more sterile containers in which to collect your stool sample at home.

• You defecate directly into the container and seal it. Your doctor will tell you if you must collect more than one sample. You do not need to handle the stool, and it need not be refrigerated.

• You deliver the stool sample to the doctor's office or laboratory within 12 hours.

• The sample is observed for evidence of parasites. A slide may be prepared for microscopic examination.

After The Test :

• You are free to resume normal activities.

• If your test is positive, your doctor will recommend that members of your household and other close contacts be tested as well.

Advantages :

• It's quick, painless, and inexpensive.

• It's simple but effective.

Disadvantages :

• Some people find collecting and transporting the sample unpleasant.

• The parasite may be present but not show up in a particular sample.

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