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There is no specific preparation for a MRI brain screening examination. Before starting the test, you will be asked to change into a pair of " scrubs ". Because of the strong magnetic field that is around the MRI scanner, no metal objects are allowed in the scan room.

Therefore, you will be asked to remove any metal objects such as watches, hairpins, clips or barrettes, jewelry, hearing aids, pagers, keys, loose pocket change and bank and credit cards. Since some types of makeup contain traces of metal that can distort the scan pictures, you may also be asked to remove makeup.

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During the examination, you will lie on a comfortable table that moves you into the proper position for the study. You will be kept informed when you need to lie very still and when it is okay to move. The MRI system makes "knocking" sounds of varying loudness while the images are being acquired. The technologist will be able to see and hear you during the entire examination. The examination usually takes about 15 to 30 minutes.

MRI spine screening examinations identify indicators of the following conditions : -

  • Degeneration of disk spaces, bulging and herniated disks
  • Pinched nerves, stenosis, spurs
  • Masses or tumors, abscesses

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