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Health Screening In India : -

[ For International And Non Resident Indians ]

Health screening tests are done to determine the possible presence of a disease or other health problem. Health screenings often are conducted routinely as a preventive measure, or may be done when there is reason to suspect a particular health problem exists.

It should be noted that there is not universal agreement as to which tests should be performed for health screening and when they should be performed. Individual doctors and insurers may have their own philosophies about health screening tests. What follows, then, are common recommendations; individuals should consult their doctors and insurers for information specific to their needs.

Children's health screenings normally include height, weight and blood pressure checks, together with possible hearing, vision or dental problems.

Other screenings might include tests to measure learning progress, a check tomake sure the spine is straight and developing properly, and skin screeningsto check for the presence of unusual moles or birthmarks. Tests normally aredone to detect the possibility of diabetes, tuberculosis and anemia.

It is recommended that children get dental check-ups at least once a year assoon as they have several teeth; an initial vision screening by age 3; and ablood pressure check by age 10. Some pediatricians also give cholesterol checks to children if family history and circumstances warrant.

For men and women, health care providers have established a set of recommended screening tests depending on the age of the patient. (In addition, the frequency of some health screenings depends on risk factors of the patient.) Eye(every three years) and dental exams (twice a year) and hearing checks are recommended for everyone.

Health screenings are important for early detection of diseases or other possible health problems. Any suspected problems should be reported to a health care provider immediately. Health screening exams have played a principal rolein preventive health care for a wide range of common diseases and some thatare not so common. Frequently data from health screenings give scientists a way of measuring disease trends and the success of early treatment.

International And NRI Health Screening Plans :

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