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Day Spa

Amatrra is a unique facility that amalgamates the time tested ancient Indian science of Ayurveda and Astrology with global twenty-first century technology and equipment to create, harmonies and balance individual energy in a Spa experience. The word Amatrra is defined in its Vedic context as the silence that occurs during meditation, between recurrent chants of Om. In the context of the Spa , Amatrra stands for the opportunity to physically unlock and balance positive and negative, internal and external energies naturally in a step towards self-realisation in harmony with the cosmos.

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The overriding tenet that governs all aspects of the Spa is Astroscience. Amatrra is the first Spa to have recognized, researched and utilized the ancient knowledge source of Astroscience to customize every single detail within the Spa, from its ambience to the therapies, health food menu to product line in beauty and health care.

Amatrra's completely automated and personalized gymnasium facility, spread over 2,500 square feet, that features equipments and technologies from the European giant Technology.

Within Amatrra there are separate sections for men and women and ten common individual temperature controlled therapy suites with shower and dressing areas, steam rooms, sauna rooms, ice-flake dispensers and whirlpools and a meditation room, which is also customized according to one's. There is also an independent yoga and aerobic room. Apart from this, two features that merit a special mention are the Vichy Shower and the Floatarium.

The service menu at Amatrra is just as exhaustive as the list of its features, offering facilities from the most essential to the exotic.

The Spa also host an 80-cover health food court, an independent juice bar, a well -stocked boutique with in-house formulations and Spa products, standalone relaxation, yoga and meditation rooms and a fiber optic lit swimming pool with an attached outdoor Jacuzzi.

Pampering Packages


Imperial Crown

Oriental Head Massage
Benefits : This treatment relaxes facial muscles and relieves stress.
Duration : 30 minutes


Classical Swedish massage

Benefit : This popular massage soothes and relaxes your body and relieves
stress. Duration : 60 minutes

Oasis of Silence

Benefit : A uniquely calming experience that replenishes your energy, reserves for yet another hectic day.
Duration : 90 minutes


Luxurious aromatic bath
Benefit : This aromatic essential oil concentrate helps ease physical tension.
Duration : 30 minutes


Synchronized Abhyanga

Synchronized oil application
Benefit : This treatment eases fatigue and reduces restlessness by enhancing energy flow throughout the body.
Duration : 60 minutes

Chavutti Thirumbu

Special message done by feet
Benefit : This treatment relieves back pain & improves flexibility of the body.
Duration : 60 minutes


Rejuvenating aroma bath
Benefit : Unique experience of rejuvenation.



Herbal powder scrub
Benefit : Helps in eliminating numbness in limbs, reduces weight by    increasing metabolism and improves blood circulation.
Duration : 60 minutes

Vichy Shower

Benefit : Warm water exfoliates and rejuvenates skin.
Duration : 60 minutes

Oriental Body Glow

Traditional Thai body scrub
Benefit : Gently tons the body surface leaving it fresh and vibrant.
Duration : 60 minutes


Windsor-Moor mud wrap
Benefit : Detoxifies, rematerializes and hydrates the skin.
Duration : 60 minutes


Heat revivakl by herbal leaves
Benefit : This treatment is used to alleviate the muscular pain and  inflammation.
Duration : 60 minutes


Shiro Dhara

Oil treatment on the forehead
Benefit : This is a deeply relaxing treatment. It is particularly beneficial in the treatment of insomnia, sleep disorders and stress.
Duration : 60 minutes

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