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Beauty Enhancement

We Care in associating with its partner Beauty Enhancement centres offers the following services

Skin Polishing And Brightening

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Our skin tends to get affected by factors like stress, chaotic lifestyles & increasing levels of environmental pollution. The result is dull, dry, dehydrated skin with reduced elasticity. There are many procedures available today that claim to rejuvenate skin. Skin Polishing & Brightening or 'Microdermabrasion' as it is commonly known is one of the most effective yet safe technologies available. This regime is a breakthrough in skin treatment. If your skin needs to regain its natural radiance and skin clarity, this is the perfect antidote for you.

The Different Packages Are As Under :

Face Rejuvenator

Facial skin tends to get drier and tighter as the number of sweat and oil glands decreases. Factors which contribute to dry, itchy skin include cold weather, harsh skin products, sensitive skin, age, indoor heating, and frequent bathing.

There Are Three Steps In This Treatment :

  • The Clean-up Phase helps to loosen and remove oil, dirt and dead skin cells, from the surface of the skin, thereby cleansing it.
  • The second stage i.e. the Hydration & Cell Stimulation Phase helps normalize the functioning of the cells and promotes cell regeneration, leaving your skin taut and smooth.
  • The final phase, the Infusion Phase of the service helps infuse the skin with natural hydrating serum that replenishes moisture and revitalizes the skin from within.

Each Session Takes About 30 Minutes. Hence You Can Even Get It Done During Your Lunchtime!

Eye Rejuvenator

The eyes are the windows to one's soul. And yet they are often the most neglected in the beauty routine of many. Dark circles, puffiness around the eye worry one many as we age. Other factors being stress, late nights and an active nightlife!

The Regime Is A Three-Phase Process.

  • Clean-up Phase : -This is the initial phase that helps loosen and remove oil, dirt and dead cells from the surface of the skin.
  • Hydration & Cell Stimulation Phase : -This phase uses medically proven micro-current therapy to improve hydration decrease puffiness and build tonicity of the skin by increasing circulation in the treated areas.
  • The Infusion Phase : -The final phase of the service helps infuse the skin with hydrating serum that replenishes moisture and revitalizes the skin from within.

Each Session Takes About 30 Minutes. Hence You Can Even Get It Done During Your Lunchtime !

Back Shine

The Regime Is A Three-Phase Process.

  • Cleansing of the back with Warm water
  • Skin polishing & brightening at a deeper level done on the back to remove the dead layer of skin. In this method, a controlled flow of crystals is used to exfoliate the superficial dead layers of the skin.
  • Application of a Sunscreen

What are the body parts / Focus Areas for Back shine?

The Upper back; The Lower Back; The Full back The duration of Back shine usually lasts about 45 minutes per session.

HairFree - Laser Hair removal

Permanent Hair Reduction using LASER uses a simple principle. A laser beam containing energy is beamed at the skin. Melanin, the pigment that gives color to hair and skin, absorbs the laser beam. As the beam is absorbed by the hair follicle beneath the skin, heat is generated. This heat destroys the hair follicle yet preserves the skin and renders ineffective the ability of hair follicles to produce new hair. Performed under the supervision of a dermatologist, it offers the desired results without in any way affecting the surrounding skin.

Consultation with the dermatologist- This is done since the in-house dermatologist can recommend the required number of sessions depending about thickness and quantity of hair.

  • Patch Test : -Is undertaken on the selected area where you want to undergo laser hair reduction. This is done to check the skin sensitivity to Laser.
  • Hair Reduction with Laser : -The area undergoing the service is shaved, and a cooling gel is applied to it. This area is then treated with Laser light.
  • Application of Moisturizer & SPF : -Since the skin is sensitive after the service, a moisturizer and SPF are applied to the area treated for Laser Hair Reduction

Skin Lightening

The Skin Lightening service leads to lighter skin through gentle exfoliation by using 3 whitening agents. It removes the tan, regenerating fresh, radiant, glowing, and visibly lighter skin giving us back our original skin color (similar to our unexposed lighter skin).

A proper home care regime to nourish and protect the fresh new skin is important to maintain the glow, post the treatment.

Dark Circle Reduction

While there are various treatments available for dark circles, mostly in the form of creams, they all treat dark circles on a superficial basis and do not address all the possible reasons for dark circles. Dark Circle Reduction is a combination of in-clinic treatments, as well as home care that tries to address all possible reasons for dark circles. This includes glycolic peels, micro current, a home care product and certain lifestyle applications.

While peels are proven to reduce pigmentation, micro current tightens and firms up the skin around the eyes. This coupled with the Lighten and Smooth Under Eye Gel and tips and exercises can effectively reduce dark circles and under-eye bags.

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