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Spine Surgery in India is performed by the spine surgeons mainly to treat the back pain when all other treatments are failed to provide relief, however, the spine surgeons also cannot predict that who will get benefit after spine surgery and who won’t and the back pain will only improve with time.

The spine surgeons offer the successful alternative to traditional open back and neck surgeries with the help of latest and modern technology for the spinal conditions by providing the minimally invasive endoscopic and laser procedures.

Following are the available options for the Spine Surgery in India :

  1. Discectomy

  2. A Discectomy is a procedure which is used to remove the portion of the disc that rests on each vertebra. The most common reason for spine surgeons to perform the spine surgery is the herniated disc. Discectomy is the type of spine surgery which removes the herniated disc and relieves the nerves pressure.

  3. Spine Fusion

  4. The spinal fusion is a surgical technique which is done to eliminate the motion between two or more vertebrae. This procedure is done usually done in the lumbar region of the spine and also uses to treat the cervical and thoracic problems.

  5. Spinal Disc Replacement

  6. This is a new but not very common procedure. The spinal disc replacement involves replacing the degenerated disc in the part of the spine by artificial replacement which is made up of metal and plastic.

  7. Spinal Tumors:

  8. Spinal tumors are the abnormal mass of tissues which are present within or surroundings of the spinal cord and column. It can be benign or malignant.

  9. Cervical Surgery

  10. This spine surgery is performed on the various cervical spine problems; however, this is mainly used to treat the people with an unstable condition or who are in trauma. Such type of conditions produce the pressure on the spinal cord and the aim of the cervical surgery are to provide the relief from the pain, weakness or numbness.

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Purpose of Spine Surgery

The main aim of the spine surgery is to change the patient’s anatomy by removing the herniated disc which causes pain. The purpose a couple is to provide the relief from pain. Spine surgery is usually performed for the back pain and lumbar laminectomy and microdiscectomy is just the couple of example of back surgeries.

Spine Conditions

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Spine Surgery Cost in India

The most prominent factor of Spine Surgery in India is its cost which attracts many people from other countries to travel to India for their spine surgeries. In India, the cost of the spine surgery is around 70-80% less as compared with other western countries. Besides, the cost other factors like quality of the treatment, experienced surgeons, success rate etc. also drives the interest of the international patients to come to India for their spinal treatment.

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