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What is laser hatching ?

Laser Assisted Hatching method is done to increase the chances of pregnancy for the woman over the age of 35 years. The rate of pregnancy becomes very high when IVF with Laser Assisted Hatching India is done as compared to those treatments which were done without using the Laser Assisted Hatching India procedure. The Laser Assisted Hatching is a new technology of IVF where the rate of pregnancy and implantation increases.

The couples who has previous failed IVF or ICSI treatment and the result is that the healthy embryo could not implant into woman’s womb, the latest and new technique the Laser Assisted Hatching is a ray to hope for the couples to bypass their all hurdles and help them to recover from the depression which they had undergone due to the past failed IVF or ICSI treatment.

Laser Assisted Hatching India- Procedure

IVF experts will perform the Laser Assisted Hatching just before the implantation from its outer shell (Zona pellucida). Some embryos have a thicker shell which decreases their ability to hatch and therefore they reduce the tendency of implantation. The reason may be the age of the women or any unknown reason.

The unfertilized egg is surrounded by the zona pellucida which ensures that only single sperm cells enter and fertilize the egg. After fertilization, the embryo will be transferred on second or third day into woman’s uterus, when they are in 4 or 8 cell stage.

The day when embryo gets developed, the embryologists use the weak acid in fine glass and cut a hole in the outer layer of the embryo. After that, the embryologists will wash the embryo to prevent it from the further damages and use the Laser Assisted Hatching to make a hole in the protective outer layer around the embryo. To prevent the woman from the infection the IVF expert will give some antibiotics after the procedure of the Laser Assisted Hatching.

The eggs produced by the women over the age of 35 years have the harder zona pellucida as compared with the eggs produced by the younger women or from the women with the high level of FSH.

The zona pellucida can also become harder by using the freeze or thawing embryos, in such cases the use of Laser Assisted Hatching can be beneficial.

To whom Laser Assisted Hatching is recommend

The Laser Assisted Hatching is recommended to those women who have undergone for the repeated IVF cycles but not able to achieve the successful outcome can increase their chances of pregnancy by using the Laser Assisted Hatching procedure.

Laser Assisted Hatching Cost in India

The Laser Assisted Hatching Cost in India suits to the pocket of each and every patient across the globe as compared with other western countries. Laser Assisted Hatching is a safe and fast process to increase your chance of getting pregnant and will give you the successful outcome.

If you are the couples who have been struggling from a long period of time and also gets frustrated from failed IVF treatment then you should go for the Laser Assisted Hatching to fulfill your dream. You can send us your queries at or you can contact us on (+91) 9029304141

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