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ICSI Treatment India is a fertility treatment which is performed under the qualified and experienced Embryologists by using the micromanipulation technique. ICSI Treatment India is a procedure where a single egg of the woman is injected with the single sperm of the male member for the fertilization.

The rates of the fertilization with ICSI Treatment India are much higher than the rates with the IVF treatment.

The ICSI Treatment India is a process which is commonly used by the couples who are facing the infertility issue in males and can also be used by that couple who have tried other assisted procedures but are not able to achieve the successful pregnancy.

Steps in ICSI Treatment India : -

  1. The sperm sample asked to produce by the male member or it can surgically extract from him.
  2. The eggs from the females are extracted surgically.
  3. By using the hollow needle the sperms are directly injected into the egg.
  4. The fertilized egg kept in the laboratory for the observation and monitored for its development by the fertility expert.
  5. Once the growth of the developing embryo is normal, then the embryo is implanted into the woman’s uterus in order to achieve the successful pregnancy.
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    Both fresh and frozen sperms can be used in ICSI Treatment India by the couples. The fertility experts at using the micromanipulation technique pick the single sperm and directly inject into the egg. One cycle of ICSI Treatment India takes four to six weeks to complete. The couples need to stay at the clinic for the egg and sperm retrieval process and after two to six days they need to revisit the clinic for the embryo transfer procedure.

    Our clinic has achieved the successful rates of pregnancy by using the ICSI Treatment India for those couples who are facing the fertility issue in male member and was not able to conceive due to other failed assisted methods.

Success Rates of ICSI Treatment India : -

Our fertility experts perform thousands of ICSI Treatment India every year and achieve the high success rate of taking the home baby as 63 -70% of the women under age of 35 years and for the women over the age of 40 years they also achieve the highest success live birth rate as 30-38%.

The rate of success also depends on the number of embryos transferred on the number of eggs collected. With the increasing age of women, the rate of implantation is decreased.

However, transferring the multiple eggs can increase the chances of multiple pregnancies. Before undergoing for the ICSI Treatment India you should speak to the fertility expert that how many embryos to implant.

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ICSI Treatment Cost in India

  1. Before couples go for the ICSI Treatment India our fertility experts will give them the clear picture regarding their treatment plan and the ICSI Treatment Cost in India so that they will not end up with high medical bills at the end of the procedure.
  2. The ICSI Treatment Cost in India is very reasonable for all the patients but the cost associated with extra medicines required for the fertility treatment can be charged extra.
  3. If you are one of that couple who is facing the male fertility problem then you need to go for the ICSI Treatment India to achieve your dream of having an own baby. For more details on the ICSI Treatment India procedure email your queries at / call +91 9029304141

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